Mental Battle

  • Mental Battle
Just when everything started to go right, life went left. Way left. 
At twenty-four years of age, freshly settled into a comfortable dream job and an even more cozy dating relationship, Maddison Miller thought she'd already experienced how hard life could be. But after a horrifically tragic event made an unwelcome and unexpected course direction, she finds herself starting all over for the second time in less than a year, causing the crater in her couch—and her heart—to be at an all time low.  
Allowing friends, family, and faith to help would be the advice she would give any one of her clients in a counseling session, but she never had been successful at helping herself, only shutting down. All alone, "Now what?" is only one of the resounding questions beating her down in a never ending unruly assault. How will she start to rebuild yet again? How can she keep going when the one who helped pick her up last time isn't there? 
What she can't see coming around the bend, is that another unexpected introduction is about to change her life. Majorly. But oh how her mind torments her as the grief-filled days tick by slower than appreciated. And just when she starts to find herself enjoying life again, her over-active thoughts bear down in accusations, erupting in a vicious Mental Battle.


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