Mental Notes

  • Mental Notes
Most consider life to be the people you know and the choices you make, but for Maddison Miller life is the ongoing, uncontrollable force that happens all around her. If she had it her way, life would look more like the perfect one she has planned in her head. The recent years fresh out of college haven’t gone anything like she envisioned. In fact, nothing has. Not her love life, her career, her relationships, leaving her with some serious trust issues and too much time spent alone.

So when her co-worker invites her to a coffee house for an open mic night, she convinces herself to go. Because although she’d rather stay home where it’s safe, she’s come to realize that if there is any hope for even a shadow of her picture-perfect future to come to pass, she is going to have to start making some changes even if it means getting hurt. Again.

And sometimes, as Maddison is soon to discover, the best life is actually what happens after all of your plans have come crashing down. However, choosing to let go and actually doing so is the constant struggle she faces. But just when she thinks she’s back on the right path to achieving her optimum goals, life comes along and once agains scatters her Mental Notes.


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